2018 - Bigger, Better, Badder!

- img 2018 was a steller year for us - 46 shows, 23 venues, in 17 towns and cities and we capped it all off with a blast at Aw, Shucks in Aurora for the second year in a row. We're just geeking out about it all!

2018 saw changes, too. Jason reached puberty finally and grew a beard, and Logan was abducted by aliens during a death metal rendition of a Chris De Burgh tune. We turned around Adriano Bertuzzo was being beamed down. The aliens sent an intergalactic text message saying, "there's no cool way to play Chris de Burgh, and your drummer's gonna pay for it," and we were all, "what-evs! do your worst" and the aliens were all, "but anal probes!" and we blocked them. We're sure Logan is fine.

A monstrous shout out to all the staff at all the places we played this year - they are always super nice to us and get us our drinks and meals and treat us extra-special, and we really can't thank them enough. Another shout out has to go of course to all the amazing folks who jumped up and got down at our shows. We couldn't do it without you all. We love playing for you and totally don't mind when you spill beer on our gear. A special thanks also to Adrian Goodman for filling in on drums when needed - you're awesome!

2019 is already shaping up: The Hunt Pub in King City, Harbour Street Fish Bar in Collingwood, Maguire's in Brampton, and back to King City at Rockford's. We'll see you all in 2019!

Summer 2018 - Recap

- img Fall is upon us and it's time to reflect on what an epic summer it has been! We covered a lot of ground and totally eclipsed last summer. We covered some new ground - The Frankiln House in Streetsville, The Beach Bar in Innisfil, CJ Barley's in Keswick, Whiskey John's in Oshawa, Sip Club in Guelph, Big Daddy's in Newmarket, and we played our first acoustic show at Market Brewing Co. in Newmarket - and reconfirmed our love for our old flames - Aw, Shucks in Aurora, Magnum's in Brampton, and The Tap & Tankard in Whitby, and The Duke Live in T.O. We are also happy to announce our polyamorous enaggaement with Adrian Goodman who has been filling in for Logan from time-to- time and doing an amazing job "Torn between two drummers, Feeling like a fool, Loving you both is breaking all the rules."Anyhoo, Our Fall schedule is in full swing. You'll see us back at the Harbour Street Fish Bar in Collingwood, The Duchess of Markham, and a new place for us, Top Spot in Sutton.

2018 Summer is Heating Up for ETBM

- img Summer 2018 is going to be epic. We are looking forward to stepping things up from last year. We have a great line up of shows in towns all over the GTA and southern Ontario - Oshawa, Etobicoke, Brampton, Newmarket, Freelton, Markham, Mississauga, Innisfil, Toronto, Markham, Keswick - Look for us in a hot spot near you!

Winter 2018: Stardate: St. Patrick's Day

- "Spring is a time when flowers bloom, and rain will be following very soon" or so wrote Mark C circa 1980. Spring is also the time to relfect...reflect on how ETBM ROCKED THE GTA! We did our part to warm up the good folks at all the places we have played since New Year's - Aurora, Port Hope, Brampton, Markham, Whitby, and back to Brampton for a blow-out of a night at Magnum's for St. Patrick's Day. We are looking forward to an epic summer. Jason's gonna break out his daisy dukes and we'll have fun, fun, fun 'til Fall takes our summer away. Stay tuned!

2017 Recap: An amazing year

- img 2017 has been a great year!We finished strong with a great show at Aw, Shucks in Aurora on New Year's Eve, after a year of travelling all over Southern Ontario, playing in a whole bunch of great places and meeting a whole bunch of great people. We are so grateful for all the support we have received and blessed for the opportunities we have had to help people have a good time. Our work is not done yet - we are starting 2018 off right with shows at Ganaraska Hotel in Port Hope, Magnum's and Oscar's in Brampton, and we'll be back at Southside Johnny's in Etobicoke, and the Tap and Tankard in Whitby. We hope to see eveyone out to step it up a notch in 2018.

Fall Tour 2017: So This Happened...

- img What have Ever The Bridesmaid been up to the last couple of months, you say? Well, let's see - Jason played on a chair at The Amsterdam Bicycle Club; we went to Ottawa and played at Moose McGuire's and Jason played on a chair again (it was his birthday so we said it was ok), the crowd and staff at Magnum's in Brampton were amazing, and then the Hallowe'en bash at St. Louis Bar & Grill in Bolton went totally off the chain - Rocky Horror in da house!- So, the real question is, "what didn't happen?!" Trenton, Collingwood, Toronto, Hamilton, Bolton, Brampton Ottawa...and the run up to New year's at Aw, Shucks! in Aurora is just getting under way. We are going to be at the Duchess of Markham in Markham, The Duke in Toronto as well. Stay tuned for more.

Summer Tour 2017 A Roaring Success

- img Hamilton, Barrie, London, Barrie again, Whitby, Toronto, Toronto again, Aurora, Vaughn - as the summer winds down, ETBM has a season full of good memories and good times. We had the honour of playing for some great crowds who came out in full force and shook their money makers. It was awesome! We have an amazing line up coming up this Fall - Stix 'n' Stones in Trenton, Moose McGuire's in Ottawa, Aw, Shucks! in Aurora - and a host of new songs to keep things fresh. We're looking forward to it.

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img La belle dame de la belle province (That's Quebec! mon hostie, maudits Anglais!) Micha is the whole package - the voice of an angel that smokes too much, and all the style of David Bowie's glam years, Micha brings it to the front of the stage and knocks audiences flat.
Mark C

img Mark got the job through a government make-work programme for troubled youth who are now older and are still troubled. They promised some tax incentives and governement contracts, and we took them out of utter greed and now he basically can't be fired so ETBM is honoured to have Mark C as their guitarist.
Adriano Bertuzzo

img Adriano is a card-carrying member of the Robert De Niro Italian Stereotype Propogation Association, so he's never without an undershirt on and he sells TVs out of the back of a van in Woodbridge - he doesn't want to - he just has to. He also plays drums, so ETBM couldn't really refuse the offer of having him play drums with us. Che fico!
Jason Whissel

imgPronounced 'whi-SELL' to sound high-falutin, but Whizhellphqz, when he's had a few, Jason got into Bass because guitar was "too much countin'", and he thinks the lower the tone the closer to Mephistopheles, The Great Underlord. Whatever...we hired him because he has nice hair.

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The Opera House, Toronto
A Little Bit About Micha & Ever The Bridesmaid

img When Micha Charron brought the power and grace of her voice to Ever The Bridesmaid, good things started to happen. A solid mix of rock classics, funk pop favourites, and some upbeat contemporary hits came together with experience, technique, and a fun-loving sense of humour, and we knew we had something special. The members share a sense that music is for the audience and when people want to have a good time, they want a good band that will make the night special, and that is what we aim to do.
Located in and around Toronto, you will see us at your favourite venue in the GTA and around southern Ontario. Upbeat, energetic, but always with a sense of style, we choose our songs to please and surprise an audience of all ages 19+, we'll bring you back to the good ol' days but then remind you that you ain't dead yet.

The Duchess of Markham, Markham

Market Brewing Co., Newmarket

View our setlist to see some of the songs we play and see our staging arrangement.
Our Promo Vid

Aw, Shucks!, Aurora
Molly Blooms, London
St. Louis Bar & Grill, Bolton
The Duke Live, Toronto
New Year's Eve at Aw, Shucks, Aurora